Privacy Policy

1. Use of the Collected Personal Information (‘’ or ‘SOOM CLASSIC’) is processing personal information for the following purposes and shall not be used for any other purpose than the following:

- to confirm user’s intent to subscribe, verify the user’s identity when providing services, maintain and manage membership, for purchases and payments of products or services, for delivery and provision of products or services, etc.

2. The Period of Processing and Retention of Personal Information

① (‘’ or ‘SOOM CLASSIC’) processes and retains personal information within the time period consented by the information subject when the information is collected or the time period according to laws and regulations

② Specific personal information processing and retention periods are as follows:
☞ We specify the retention period, related statutes and grounds for the processing of personal information referring to the example below.
(Example)- Registration and Management of Users: Until service contract or membership cancels, but if bond/loan relationship remains, until such time as settlement of the bond/loan
- Records of supply of contracts, withdrawal of subscription, payments, goods, etc. in e-commerce: 5 years

3. The Rights and Obligations of the Information Subject and the Legal Representative and the Method of its Exercise The user can exercise the following rights as a personal information subject.

① Information subjects may exercise the following rights concerning protection of personal information to SOOM CLASSIC(‘’ or ‘SOOM CLASSIC’)
1. Request to read personal information
2. Request corrections if there are errors, etc.
3. Request to delete
4. Request to discontinue processing

4. Request a list of personal information items being processed

① ('' or 'SOOM CLASSIC') collects the following personal information.
- Required Items: email address, mobile phone number, home address, home phone number, password, login ID, gender, date of birth, name, service use record, access log, cookies, access IP information, payment record

5. Destruction of Personal Information As a rule, ('SOOM CLASSIC') destroys personal information immediately when the purpose of the process of personal information is achieved. Destruction procedure, time period and method are as follows.

-Destruction Procedure>
The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate database (separate documents in case of paper) after it has achieved the purpose of use and stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with company policy and other related statutes. At this time, personal information transferred to the database shall not be used for any other purpose except in the case of law.

-Destruction Time Period
The user’s personal information shall be destroyed within five days from the date of the end of the retention period, or within five days from the date when the personal information is deemed to be unnecessary, due to reasons such as achieving the purpose of use, discontinuance of the service, termination of the business.

6. Information on the Installation, Operation and Rejection of the Automatic Personal Information Collecting Device

① SOOM CLASSIC uses ‘cookie’ to store and retrieve information to provide individually customized services. ② Cookie is a small amount of information that server(http), which runs the website sends to user’s computer browser and can also be stored on user’s hard disk. A. Purpose of Using Cookie: To provide optimal information to users by identifying their browse history, usage, popular search keyword, security access and etc. B. Installation, Operation and Rejection of Cookie: By using Tools>Internet Options>Privacy Menu Settings at the top of the web browser, users can deny cookies from being saved. C. If the user refuse to save cookies, it can be difficult to use customized services.

7. The Chief Privacy Officer and the Responsible Personnel

① SOOM CLASSIC(‘’ or ‘SOOM CLASSIC”) has designated the following persons as the Chief Privacy Officer and Personal Information Manager whom will be in charge of all personal information related work, responsible for answering users’ inquiries regarding personal information, resolving any related complaints and relieving damage.
▶ Person in charge of privacy policy
Full name: Ki eob, Park
Position: CEO
Job grade: President
Contact: 070-4719-6534, , 031-628-5335
※ Your contact will be directed to the privacy department.
▶ Privacy department
Name of department: R&D
Director: Yeong uk, Son
Contact: 070-4719-6534,, 031-628-5335
② If you have any inquiries, claims or questions related to indemnification, etc. while using services or businesses of SOOM CLASSIC(, referred as ‘SOOM CLASSIC’), you can contact person in charge or the department in charge of the privacy policy. SOOM CLASSIC will respond you in place.

8. Changes regarding privacy policy

① This privacy policy acts from the date of enforcement. If there is an addition, deletion, or correction of privacy policy, the change will be notified through notice seven days before the enforcement of the changes.

9. In accordance with Article 29 of the Privacy Act, SOOM CLASSIC takes the technical/administrative and physical measures necessary to enhancing security as followed:

1. Conduct regular self-audit
In order to enhance security related to personal information, we conduct self-audit on a regular basis(once a quarter).

2. Minimizing person in charge of managing personal information and education
SOOM CLASSIC specifies the employees who manage personal information and minimize the number of person in charge of personal information.

3. Establish and implement an internal management plan
In order to manage personal information securely, SOOM CLASSIC develops and conducts internal management plan.

4. Technical measures against hacking, etc.
In order to prevent personal information leakage and damage caused by hacking or computer viruses, <SOOM CLASSIC>(‘SOOM CLASSIC’) installs security programs, updates and checks regularly. Also SOOM CLASSIC installs systems in area where access from outside world is controlled, and technically and physically monitors and blocks external hacking and viruses.

5. Encryption of personal information
The user’s personal information and password are encrypted, stored and managed so that only information subject can know. For important data, extra security measures are used such as encryption or locking files.

6. Store access records and prevent forgery
Records of access to the personal information processing system are kept and managed for at least 6 months. Also security functions are used to prevent forgery, hacking.

7. Limit access to personal information
SOOM CLASSIC takes necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, changing, canceling access to database systems that process personal information. In addition, unauthorized access from outside is controlled using the intrusion detection system.

8. Use locks for document security
Documents and auxiliary storage devices containing personal information are stored in a secure location with lock function.

9. Limit access to unauthorized persons
SOOM CLASSIC establishes and operates an access control procedure for a separate physical storage devices where personal information is stored.