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SOOM Foundation

The Foundation is committed to developing a robust governance structure and managerial assistance to general affairs regarding the overall operation and harmony of 4th Blockchain ecosystem.


Mr. Ki-Eob Park,
Founder and President of the Board


Established in Switzerland, Zug canton.


Non-profit organization, supervised by Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority. The Foundation is exclusively and directly serving charitable purposes. It does not pursue any profit and is not geared toward profit.


Overlook the development of 4th Blockchain ecosystem and support the evolution of the ecosystem.


4th Blockchain management including decisions for the overall project or a critical issue

Promote 4th Blockchain ecosystem by supporting and financing research and development activities deemed appropriate by the board of trustees.

Engage with various corporations, partners as well as banks, regulators and other third parties to the benefit of 4th Blockchain ecosystem.

Educate the public about 4th Blockchain ecosystem. Organize conferences, conventions and other events that promote the ecosystem.


SOOM Tech. is the corporate entity that is responsible for the development of 4th Blockchain core technology, maintenance of its network and expansion of the platform under the governance of SOOM Foundation.


Mr. Ki-Eob Park,
(Founder and Director.)




Private Limited


Development of 4th Blockchain technology


Development of 4th Blockchain core technology.

Development of SOOM Wallet. Customer support.

BaaS service provider.

Consultancy and expertize services

Maintenance of 4th Blockchain’s network.

Development and issuance of SOOM Coins.

Custom chain creation and maintenance services.


SOOMPAY is a S.Korea based mobile payment company providing merchants across Asia comprehensive solutions to support the major Chinese mobile payment services; Alipay, Wechatpay and Unionpay Quickpass.
Merchants using SOOM Pay see transactions being automatically settled in their local currency while Chinese travelers enjoy seamless payment via their favorite mobile app.


Card fraud like card duplication can be prevented
Private information can be protected

Fast transactions

Provide faster transaction processing than banks
Support fast cross border transactions

Low commissions

No bank and third-parties commissions. No need to worry about high cross-border commissions.


Useful for retailers and customers.
Useful for countries where banking infrastructure is at low level.