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[2018-08-06] Install new wallet and get reward  

> Event period: from August 6, 2018 till end of event coins number 
(Number of remaining coins will be noticed). 
> Event reward: recommend SOOM Wallet to your friend and get SOOM Coins 
> How to: 
1) Install SOOM Mobile Wallet (Appstore -> Search for Soom Coin Wallet 
2) Confirm your phone number and recommendation code 
3) Recommend SOOM Wallet to your friends 
4) Save recovery phrase in safe place 
5) Setup password (optional) 
> Distribution period: batch distribution (date will be announced later)


> HOW TO:  
    1) Send all your SUMCOIN to one of the followed wallet address. 
     1. Sgh1PyYwQxhUKxmf5JtxRaqshV6gsr33T1 
     2. ShrtcCyuL29XUQ68VKr9fcVCcRJADi7D1G 
     3. SZrySnpv5zdWJkAbPW212QEW175gyHeSJK 
    2) Take a screenshot or take a picture of your original SUM wallet with your transaction ID and coin amount you sent. 
    3) Download New SOOM Wallet and copy wallet address. 
    4) After preparing those two, please send screenshot and New SOOM Wallet address to 
    5) Swap will be done in order after confirmation.

[2018-07-05] Inquiry announcement  

Please send your questions by email.
Send email to, we will do our best to give response within shortest time.