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[2018-08-21] Regarding OTC transactions before listing  

Listing of our coins on exchange platform is scheduled on August 27, there are cases of Over-the-Counter (OTC) transfers. 
Please be informed that SOOM Foundation is not responsible for any such operations. 

Coin recovery is impossible in case of OTC transaction.

[2018-08-21] Guide Notice for Recovery of SOOM COIN  

Contributores bare full responsibility for below listed reasons, SOOM Foundation is not able to restore lost coins in these cases: 
- If New SOOM Coin wallet's recovery phrase is lost 
- If password of New SOOM Coin wallet is lost 
- If backup file is lost 
- If backup was not done properly 
- If New SOOM Coin wallet was deleted by formatiing or etc. 

Please keep recovery phrase (backup files) in safe place.


First of all, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our SOOM Coin holders who have been patient with us. Today, we are making an official announcement in regards to listing on exchange platform.

SOOMCOIN will be listed on IDCM (International Digital Currency Markets) on Aug 27th, 2018. 

IDCM exchange platform have bank-grade encryption technology and use multi-signature layered distributed storage. IDCM removed disadvantage and weakness of current exchanges and only took advantages of centralized exchange and decentralized exchange platform. IDCM is one of the best global crypto exchange platform which supports 9 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. 

To better assist you to trade on IDCM, existing SUM COIN holders should swap your coin for SOOM COIN as soon as possible. 

IDCM exchange platform is first exchange platform to list; however, we are currently talking to TOP 10 exchange platforms in the world and we are in the final process of negotiation in order to provide more benefits to our coin holders. 

Detailed Guidelines of using IDCM exchanges will be posted to our official SNS channels on Aug 21st after final confirmation. 

Thank you.

[2018-08-08] Whitepaper updated  

Our whitepaper was updated.
New version is available for download in Contributors section.



[2018-08-07] Announcement regarding Github  

We would like to announce that our source was uploaded to Github



[2018-08-06] Install new wallet and get reward  

> Event period: from August 6, 2018 till end of event coins number 
(Number of remaining coins will be noticed). 
> Event reward: recommend SOOM Wallet to your friend and get SOOM Coins 
> How to: 
1) Install SOOM Mobile Wallet (Appstore -> Search for Soom Coin Wallet 
2) Confirm your phone number and recommendation code 
3) Recommend SOOM Wallet to your friends 
4) Save recovery phrase in safe place 
5) Setup password (optional) 
> Distribution period: batch distribution (date will be announced later)


> HOW TO:  
    1) Send all your SUMCOIN to one of the followed wallet address. 
     1. Sgh1PyYwQxhUKxmf5JtxRaqshV6gsr33T1 
     2. ShrtcCyuL29XUQ68VKr9fcVCcRJADi7D1G 
     3. SZrySnpv5zdWJkAbPW212QEW175gyHeSJK 
    2) Take a screenshot or take a picture of your original SUM wallet with your transaction ID and coin amount you sent. 
    3) Download New SOOM Wallet and copy wallet address. 
    4) After preparing those two, please send screenshot and New SOOM Wallet address to 
    5) Swap will be done in order after confirmation.

[2018-07-05] Inquiry announcement  

Please send your questions by email.
Send email to, we will do our best to give response within shortest time.