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[2018-11-9] CRP Token Swap Event  

SOOM Foundation is working with CRP to apply the 4th Blockchain technology to CRP platform. Therefore, SOOM Foundation and CRP will swap SOOM Coins and CRP token for development costs and joint marketing. SOOM Foundation is opening an event where CRP token is swapped to SOOM Coin holders at 1:5 ratio.


* Applies to: Donators who have swapped old SUM coins to SOOM coins.

- Quantity currently held based on the quantity that is swapped from SUM Coin to SOOM Coin.

- Excluded: miners, off-site traders, abnormal traders

* Period: from 00:00 on 11 November 2018 to 24:00 on 30 November 2018(GMT+9)

 (Mails received after this period will not be considered)

* Swap Ratio: SOOM Coin 1 : CRP Token 5

           (ex.) SOOM Coin 1000 coins -> CRP Token 5000 tokens

* Distribution Date: Distribution will be done during period December 10 - 14 for the donators who applied during the period mentioned above

* Investors who are currently participating in the airdrop event can apply after cancellation of the airdrop event

          (Lock bonus is paid as previously notified.)


(e.g.) When the person who participated in the airdrop event on 11th of November for 60 days, applies for the swap event (holding 1000 coins in the wallet):

If you cancel the airdrop, the 1000 coins in your wallet can be traded right away and the 50%, 500 bonus coins will be distributed after 30 days. When you apply for this swap event, you can apply for both 1000 coins you are holding and 500 coins that will be distributed. However, you have to specify them separately.

The applied SOOM Coin will be swapped and distributed in CRP Token in December. The rest bonus coin will be sent to your SOOM Wallet 30 days after the cancellation of Airdrop as scheduled.

  1. Swap Event Application Guide for Airdrop Participants

 1) Cancel the event lock

 2) Install the CRP Wallet

    ( * Check guidelines on the homepage or SOOM Wallet notice section )

 3) Send the quantity of SOOM Coin for application to the foundation’s wallet.

 4) After sending, screenshot and save the transaction details(including transaction ID) 

 5) Apply by mail (

 6) Application details:

 - Name

 - Contact

 - Quantity to apply for swap from holding SOOM coins:

 - Quantity to apply for swap from coins that will be received as airdrop bonus:

 - SOOM Wallet address:

- CRP Wallet address:

- Attach SOOM Coin transaction details (TX ID)

 7) After a list-up and a comparison of it with the existing swap list, it will be distributed in a sequential order from 10th of December to 14th of December.


Swap application mail:

Foundation’s SOOM wallet address MDwed5ayV3msYb614Kf4nru8pGqvpKnM7m


Hello, this is SOOM Foundation.
We would like to thank you for your patience and support. Today we are here to happily announce our listing on BitForex.

Below is the listing schedule. 

SOOM Coin will be listed on October 9th at 15:30(GMT+9), it will be available for trading with BTC and ETH.
Deposit opening: 2018-10-09, from 12:00(KST/UTC+9)
Trade opening: 2018-10-09, from 15:30(KST/UTC+9)

At the beginning of its establishment, BitForex has obtained funding from Crypto Capital among other top investment institutions and famous crypto-investors, whom invested more than 100 million yuan. It is a leading exchange with users from over 86 countries and ranked above Top 20 in the world. Exchange user guide and more information will be announced through SOOM official SNS channels. 

Thank you.

[2018-08-24] Notice regarding swapping process  

SOOM Foundation announced release of new SOOM coin, which has a lot of advantages over the former circulated SUM coin; and SOOM Coin will be listed on IDCM exchange platform very soon. This notice is for schedule of swapping process to new SOOM coin.  

-Period: 6th Aug, 2018 ~ 31st Oct, 2018 
-After October 31, swap to new coin will not be available. 

We will not accept any application for swap to new coin after period mentioned above, we strongly recommend to swap to new SOOM Coin as soon as possible. 
(The foundation will not be responsible for any damage caused after the announced date.)

[2018-08-24] 100,000 SOOM X IDCM give to celebrate  

[2018-08-21] IDCM User Guide  

IDCM User Guide. 
Please refer to enclosed file

[2018-08-21] Regarding OTC transactions before listing  

Listing of our coins on exchange platform is scheduled on August 27, there are cases of Over-the-Counter (OTC) transfers. 
Please be informed that SOOM Foundation is not responsible for any such operations. 

Coin recovery is impossible in case of OTC transaction.

[2018-08-21] Guide Notice for Recovery of SOOM COIN  

Contributores bare full responsibility for below listed reasons, SOOM Foundation is not able to restore lost coins in these cases: 
- If New SOOM Coin wallet's recovery phrase is lost 
- If password of New SOOM Coin wallet is lost 
- If backup file is lost 
- If backup was not done properly 
- If New SOOM Coin wallet was deleted by formatiing or etc. 

Please keep recovery phrase (backup files) in safe place.


First of all, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our SOOM Coin holders who have been patient with us. Today, we are making an official announcement in regards to listing on exchange platform.

SOOMCOIN will be listed on IDCM (International Digital Currency Markets) on Aug 27th, 2018. 

IDCM exchange platform have bank-grade encryption technology and use multi-signature layered distributed storage. IDCM removed disadvantage and weakness of current exchanges and only took advantages of centralized exchange and decentralized exchange platform. IDCM is one of the best global crypto exchange platform which supports 9 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. 

To better assist you to trade on IDCM, existing SUM COIN holders should swap your coin for SOOM COIN as soon as possible. 

IDCM exchange platform is first exchange platform to list; however, we are currently talking to TOP 10 exchange platforms in the world and we are in the final process of negotiation in order to provide more benefits to our coin holders. 

Detailed Guidelines of using IDCM exchanges will be posted to our official SNS channels on Aug 21st after final confirmation. 

Thank you.

[2018-08-08] Whitepaper updated  

Our whitepaper was updated.
New version is available for download in Contributors section.



[2018-08-07] Announcement regarding Github  

We would like to announce that our source was uploaded to Github