SOOM 4th Blockchain Ecosystem

Bringing limitless blockchain technology to everyday life


SOOMTECH's innovative consensus algorithms make SMC Token mining possible on mobile devices.

SOOM Watch is the first watch that enables cryptocurrency mining.

4th Blockchain Ecosystem

4th Blockchain is Blockchain-as-a-Service platform designed for both conventional and smart phone usage.

4th Blockchain is developed by SOOM Tech., established in Singapore and governed by the SOOM Foundation, established in Switzerland.

4th Blockchain Technology

SOOM Tech.’s innovative consensus algorithm, named Proof-of-Group-Stake, not only makes mobile mining possible but also opens the way to a multitude of highly performant, secure and practical blockchain based smartphone applications.

BaaS Platform

SOOM TECH will provide turnkey solutions for enterprises of all sizes and industries willing to incorporate blockchain technology to their portfolio of services.

Initial Token & Coin Offering

4th Blockchain Network's native coin is called Fourth Coin.

Initial Fourth Coin allocation

Initial Fourth Token allocation

SMC Wallet

"SOOM CLASSIC Token Wallet" is a private wallet where SMC Token holders can trade with each others. Using SMC Wallet which is based on Ethereum, SMC Holders can send, receive SMC tokens, view transaction history, check recovery phrase, and use community services, etc. Enjoy state of the art technology with one simple wallet!

Road Map

  • 2017

  • 2017, 11

    SOOM Foundation Establishment

  • 2017, 12

    SOOM wallet Update

  • 2018

  • 2018, 06

    1st World Blockchain Technology Forum(Beijing)
    IBTA(International Blockchain Technology Association) Establishment
    Partnership with PayRoute(Japan) for Mobile paymnet development

  • 2018, 08

    Listing on IDCM exchange platform

  • 2018, 10

    Listing on Bitforex exchange platform

  • 2018, 12

    Partnership with Pay Route (Japan) for automatic payment system in taxi
    Development and demonstration of mobile payment module in coffee vending machines with Gramedis company

  • 2019

  • 2019, 04

    4th Blockchain technology development
    SMC wallet Update

  • 2019, 05

    4th Blockchain technology demonstration for People's Bank of China
    Pre-order of SOOM SMART WATCH

  • 2019, 06

    2nd World Blockchain Technology Forum(Beijing)
    Release of 4th Blockchain technology and source code

  • 2019, 07

    SOOM SMART WATCH h/w development

  • 2019, 12

    Release of SOOM SMART WATCH


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